What Can We Offer You?

From Capital Murders to simple drug possession, I have the experience and knowledge to handle the most serious of criminal charges.
I have successfully tried and defended individuals accused of aggravated assault, aggravated robbery and murder.

  • Felony Cases

    Felony crimes are the most serious offenses under our criminal laws in Texas. A conviction of a felony offense can result in a substantial loss of one’s freedom and privileges.

  • Misdemeanors Cases

    Misdemeanors are considered lesser crimes than felonies and are divided into three classes based on the degree of seriousness of the offense and the severity of the punishments. It is important to take misdemeanor charges seriously, because having a misdemeanor conviction on your record can impact your life in many negative ways.

  • Dwi Cases

    The consequences of DWI and DUI charges in the state of Texas are very serious, including jail time, license suspension and hefty fines.